The Greatest series ever preached on the Book or Revelation.

John Bisagno, Houston First Baptist Church 09-09-1979 thru 08/31/1980

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09.09.197901-Understanding Prophecy
09.09.197901-Understanding Prophecy
09.16.197902-Revelation 1:9-20
09.23.197903-Revelation 2&3
09.30.197904-Lost Love
10.07.197905-Suffering Church
10.14.197906-Pergamos Church-Part 1
10.21.197907-Pergamos Church-Part 2
10.28.197908-Thyatira Church
11.04.197909-Sardis-The Dead Church
11.11.197910-Philadelphia Church
11.18.197911-Laodecian Church-Part 1
11.25.197912-Laodecian Church-Part 2
12.02.197913-Laodecian Church-Part 3
12.09.197914- Laodecian Church-Part 4
12.16.197915-Chapter 4 Overview
12.23.197916-Khomeini, Afghanistan, and the Gold Crisis: Current Events Fulfilling Prophecy
12.30.197917-The Raptured Church
01.20.198018-The Beast
01.06.198019-The Scroll
01.13.198020-Who is Worthy?
01.27.198021-Songs of the Lambs
02.03.198022-The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
02.10.198023-Martyred for Him
02.17.198024-Earthquake: The Sixth Seal
02.24.198025-Opening the Seventh Seal-Part 1
03.02.198026-Opening the Seal-Part 2
03.09.198027-When Hell Comes on Earth
03.16.198028-When Demon Powers are Loosed
03.23.198029-Sixth Seal: Invasion of the Eastern Army
03.30.198030-Silence Before the Storm
04.06.198031-The Temple of God
04.13.198032-The Two Witnesses
04.20.198033-The Seventh Trumpet of Judgment
04.27.198034-The Dragon and the Woman
05.04.198035-War in Heaven
05.11.198036-Satan, Israel, and the Tribulation
05.18.198037-Antichrist-Part 1
05.25.198038-Antichrist-Part 2
06.01.198039-The False Prophet
06.08.198040-Victory of the Lamb-Part 1
06.15.198041-Victory of the Lamb-Part 2
06.22.198042-Reasons for Wrath
06.29.198043-The Seven Bowls
07.06.198044-Babylon is Fallen-Part 1
07.13.198045-Babylon is Fallen-Part 2
07.20.198046-The Marriage Supper of the Lamb
07.27.198047-The Battle of Armageddon
08.03.198048-Peace in the Valley
08.10.198049-The Great White Throne Judgment
08.17.198050-The New Heaven and New Earth-Part 1
08.24.198051-The New Heaven and New Earth-Part 2
08.31.198052-The New Heaven and New Earth-Part 3